Meditation Classes

Why Meditate?

Regular meditation is recommended for those of you who would like to experience optimal health, and it is ESSENTIAL for those of you looking to initiate and maintain a spiritual practice.  There can be no serious spiritual practice without meditation, period.  Many people tell me that their life is a meditation, and that is excellent if you really have been able to get to that point.  However, sitting for meditation is still required, as it creates a regular practice of accessing true connection with your own Divine nature, which is the purest aspect of your being.

Monthly Energy/Meditation Classes with Suzanne

Meditation with a group is essential no matter what level of practice you have attained. Group energy both enhances and informs your individual experience.  It is simple physics.  I started teaching meditation because I found that many people who have been sitting for years were still not actually meditating.  They were simply sitting still, trying not to think of anything, or just letting thoughts pass.  This is one type of experience, but my intention is to guide you into an altered state that allows you to access true insight and healing frequencies.  These are energy bandwidths that most of us do not inhabit in our normal day-to-day operations.

Whether you are a beginnner or an advanced meditator, you will enjoy these monthly meditation classes. My main intention in this hour is to create a strong energy within the group setting which will support your private practice.  There are always several advanced practitioners there to hold the space for the beginners, so beginners will have an easier time to feel the energy and enter the zone.

Each class is typically comprised of a 25 minute teaching, 20 minutes of energy work, 20 minutes of breath work and chanting, and a 15 minute meditation.  While the meditation part of the class is only 15 minutes, you will find it a particularly strong meditation, given the buildup work we will have done.  The energy work and the chanting create a solid foundation to access sacred space.  And 3 minutes of experiencing a deep level of the mind is far more valuable to your meditation practice than 20 minutes of ordinary consciousness.

Advanced Classes will be designated as such.  Beginners are welcome, but please be aware that in these classes, I will NOT have time to explain what you need to be doing.  Simply follow along as best you can and leave your fear and worry that you are not doing things right outside the door, as this lowers the frequency of the room.  At the beginning of every class, I ask that participants leave their judgments of self and others outside the door, so that we can attain the highest energy state possible during that class.

Beginners typically find the Beginner classes very accessible and you will soon be connected to your meditation practice.  Once you have your ‘a-ha’ moment, and that usually takes place rather quickly in these classes, you will be greatly inspired to do your daily chanting/meditation practice.  Advanced practitioners are strongly encouraged to participate in these classes, because your own practice will be strengthened as you hold the energy of the room for the beginners.  (Furthermore, your generosity in being an energetic mentor will expand your energy immensely.)

Everyone is welcome!  Fee is $25.