“Given my fear of needles, I’m the last person I ever thought would end up on an acupuncturist’s table.  But ongoing pain makes one increasingly open-minded!  When suffering from neck, shoulder and upper back pain for nearly four weeks in 2010 without relief from massage or physical therapy or other remedies, in desperation I finally made an appointment with Suzanne.  After a single 60-minute session, 90 percent of my pain was gone.  I highly recommend Suzanne as a gifted healer.”
Karen Page, award-winning author

“My son fell in love with a kitten but suffered a severe allergic reaction to it. We either had to give up the kitten or try to treat the allergy, which I thought would be a lengthy and complicated process. Suzanne suggested I try NAET for the allergy.  I have to admit that I was skeptical, but was wiling to give it a try because my son was adamant about keeping the kitten.  After only 4 treatments, his allergy to the cat was completely eliminated!! No more red and itchy eyes, no more constant runny nose.  We are both grateful to Suzanne for this treatment and the miraculous result.                            -- Scott D, father of a 12-year old

“Suzanne Hill is a fantastic acupuncturist, not only because she has incredible knowledge of the practice and science of acupuncture, but because she gets to the root of the the issue physically and emotionally to help undo the blockages and guide me toward healing faster and better than anyone I know. It’s an amazing experience and she has helped me through several healing challenges as well as life and job transitions.”  – C.S., Female, 44 y.o.

“I went to Suzanne because I had persistent styes in both of my eyes.  She diagnosed me with chalazians and candida, and put me on a course of a raw food diet, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.  I didn’t stick completely with the raw food diet, but I did cut out all sugar and dairy as she also strongly suggested.  This protocol and 6 acupuncture treatments took away the pain in my eyes, and the chalazians were almost completely cleared.  As a by-product, my sinuses unclogged and all of my digestive issues were gone!”
– G.M., Male, 46 years old


“Suzanne’s meditation class is really great. Before working with her, I could not meditate at all. I have terrible monkey brain and get bored easily. Suzanne taught me how to root my practice physically, giving me physical exercise to do and she teaches in a way that allows you to build the process a little at a time. Now I can easily drop in and feel like I can connect in a much more substantial way.  When I don’t do meditate, I feel like I am not as grounded and something is off about my day.”