In addition to acupuncture and far infrared treatments, a crucial part of recovery and healing of all patients is detoxification of the body.  There are proper ways to detox the body, however, and care should be taken that detoxification is done in a systematic and proper way to avoid any severe reactions as your body begins to release toxins.

I encourage my patients to try one or more of the following protocols:

  • proper eating regimen
  • nutritional supplementation
  • colon cleansing
  • parasite cleansing
  • liver cleansing
  • kidney cleansing
  • raw food diet
  • herbs and supplements

While many of these practices are dismissed or ignored by Western medical practitioners, in my clinical experience.  I have found that it is remiss to ignore the role of nutrition and cleansin on the path to total health.  Stage IV cancer patients have the possibility of complete and total healing, while Stage I cancer patients can decline rapidly if they eat poorly and refuse to cleanse.  The number one cause of the aggravation of illness in the body is the consumption of sugar.  Without eliminating sugar from the diet, it is exceptionally difficult to clear the body of sinus infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  And p.s., alcohol is sugar.

Severity of the illness is the only one factor in determining whether a patient can heal and recover.  No matter how far along your illness may be, there is always a chance for incredible healing to take place.

The human body has the ability to rebuild itself.  Given the proper tools and building blocks, it an absolutely be done!

For those who are the sickest, the patient must also be willing to look at their life as a whole to see if there isn’t something emotional that needs to be addressed as well.  Most often when this is uncovered and worked with, the rate of healing accelerates.  It takes great courage, however, for people to see the truth of their lives.

Making physically and emotionally healthy choices is key.

Sometimes we need to educate ourselves as to what healthy choices actually are.