What’s New at Turtle Bay Acupuncture?

I am very excited to introduce FAR INFRARED TREATMENTS at my office with the Indiba MD-308. It is not a far infrared spa, nor is it a dome that you lie in to receive rays. Instead, the Indiba MD-308 creates far infrared rays that are massaged into your body as you relax on the treatment table. These treatments are both powerful and rejuvenating, because they raise your energetic frequency to allow deep healing to take place. For example, studies have shown that regular treatment with far infrared significantly reduces the incidence of breast cancer because it cleans out the lymphatic system.

My Treatment Style

My treatment style is different than most acupuncturists. With over a decade of experience treating patients presenting with a multitude of health issues, my specialty is getting to the root cause of your illness in the first visit. This is important because the root blockage in your body may not always coincide with where your symptoms
have manifested. Many patients come to me after going through the gamut of practitioners, both Western and Alternative. Patients typically experience a faster rate of recovery with my style of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a tremendously effective healing modality, and the needles alone can facilitate accelerated healing. Total health and wellness, however, extends beyond the needles, and I am committed to helping you integrate practices into your daily life that will empower you to sustain a premium level of energy and well-being. I work on the levels of the physical, emotional and spiritual and invite you to engage on all three.

Please know that I consider it a great honor when you as a patient enter my office and ask me to participate in your healing. I look forward to meeting you!